1. Listen here to 'Chasing The Tail' from brand new album 'The Wood'. Available on CD | vinyl | digital | limited edition box set.

    Paul Haig is an independent songwriter, music producer and vocalist. He was originally the lead singer/songwriter in post-punk band 'Josef K' ('one of the most influential bands in Britain' - The Guardian). Paul has just finished working on his thirteenth solo album and it is the most involved and time consuming to date, incorporating a wide and diverse range of styles and production.

    Album Reviews:

    The former Josef K mainman's 13th solo album further ploughs his recent furrow by uniting found sounds, speech, glitchy programmed rhythms, samples of instruments and passages of electric guitar to create a form of environmental music nodding to Jon Hassell's Fourth World music as much as it does to similarly minded collagists such as Four Tet. (Mojo, 12/2018)

    "Whether you want to hear a contemporary synth dance vibe or some guitar redolent of his 1980s band Josef K, The Wood will fulfil those needs. It won't be long before clever DJs from Ibiza to Miami are dropping portions of Sun Flicker, Acoustic Mangles or Floaty Appy into their sets, I'll wager. Younger generations please report back" (The Herald, 11/2018)

    The Wood finds Haig exploring samples, beats, electronics and 'found sound' to sculpt something that's split into eight parts, but very much fit together as a whole. A soundscape of the strange and strangely danceable among the tranquillity in the forest, or of the mixed up feelings of the soul, or both, well that's what I think may be intended anyway." But everything here fits and you have to admire Haig's craftsmanship in the way it has been put together - producing a musical storybook without words in effect. Forty years into his recording career he's still breaking new ground. Long may he strive for the outer reaches, because those who want to be challenged a little in their listening will lap this up." (Louder Than War, 09/2018)

    "We like records that push boundaries, and this certainly does that. Sure, Haig has pop hits at his finger tips, but with the eight tracks on The Wood he twists the formula. Opening with the kitchen-sinker Chasing the Tail, its soulful/folky vocal presses hard up against a plinky piano and swooping strings before a delicious locked-down groove takes hold; it's like three songs at once. The Wood is a collection of like-minded tunes rather than a journey from start to finish, but it is yet another bold record in a long line of bold recordings from Haig, a man who deserves your attention". (Electronic Sound, 09/2018)

    "This Autumn sees Haig return to Les Disques du Crepuscule to present ‘The Wood’, his most ambitious studio album yet. An experimental exploration in glitch, house, jazz and more, ‘The Wood’ was written and recorded over a three year period with the spectre of twisted sonic technicians such as FOUR TET, FLOATING POINTS and LOVE OVER ENTROPY looming". Paul Haig spoke to The Electricity Club about his musical adventure in ‘The Wood’..(TEC, 09/2018)

    "An atmospheric and experimental collection of eight tracks recorded over a three year period. Hooks and melodies are strong on an album that has more in common with contemporary electronic music than the existential post-punk of his original band Josef K. Haig is to be applauded for not taking the easy route, but the robust song composition throughout The Wood should win over fans who take time to listen.. 8/10" (Vive le Rock, 12/2018)

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